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Arsenal FC Transfers: Ranking the Top 10 Strikers the Gunners Should Target

Every top club needs a striker who can guarantee them 20 goals a season. Barcelona have Lionel Messi and David Villa, Manchester United have Javier Hernandez and Dimitar Berbatov, Inter Milan have Samuel Eto’o, Milan have Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Real Madrid have Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain.

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nieuwland142653d ago

Bojan would be a good buy, Benzema too.

hendrikmaster2653d ago

Lukaku has already achieved so much but i think he will go to Chelsea seeing his idol is Drogba.

no_more_heroes2652d ago

Anyone over 12m so Arsenal can rotate and keep them fit for the whole season. Maybe then Van Persie will finally be able to complete a whole season.

Mozilla892652d ago

I was not expecting to see Kevin Doyle on the list.

Anderson82652d ago

the last thing arsenal needs is more strikers,, they should buy a couple defenders and a world class keeper befor looking for any other position

KingPin2651d ago

arsenal needs strikers who can finish. bendtner <mind my spelling> is a perfect example. that last chance he had against barcelona, had it fallen to a Rooney or Drogba, it wouldve been a sure goal. van persie is a good striker, but injuries hold him back. thats like holding on to a michael owen. no doubt he has talent but if his hardly playing, its pointless. they should either get rid of him altogether or they should buy better strikers of his quality to assist the team when he isnt playing.

Anderson82650d ago

i agree with you on bendtner he's one of the worst strikers i've seen in a long while but arsenal have players that can fill his position wenger just favors him for some unknown reason.. if arsenal two solid cb's then they would have won the carling cup
they also would have finished top of their champions league group and wouldn't have had to face barca so early i believe all their weaknesses are defensive.. but your right bendtner should be playing for a team like wigan he's not top 4 quality