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Arsenal Youngster Jack Wilshere Spits at Tottenham Supporting Taxi Driver

Arsenal star Jack Wilshere has accepted a police warning for attempting to spit on a taxi driver who was wearing a hat of Arsenal’s main rivals Tottenham.

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nieuwland142827d ago

what a disgraceful act by the youngster!

Yi-Long2827d ago

... disappointing to hear that yet another talented young english player can't seem to carry himself in a normal respectful mature manner when he's off the pitch...

What an idiot. And spitting is for bitches.

hendrikmaster2827d ago

Wilshere is so disrespectfull jugding someone from who they support!

Mozilla892826d ago

Actually if you read the article you would realize that he was probably so hammered he didn't care what team's hat the taxi driver was wearing.

But thats no excuse for doing what he did, some young players seem to take the pressure just fine. At least he's not Balotelli...

zinedine2827d ago

This is a poor act by a player who usually shows so much class...