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Age Before Duty: 10 Older Stars Still Doing the Business

Most of the football spotlight is reserved for the superstars in their prime. From the 23-year-old Lionel Messi to the 26-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo to the 30-year-old Samuel Eto'o, these are the iconic footballers that the world has come to know and embrace.

But what of the ageless wonder, the grey-haired legend who still straps on the boots and wears the club colors well past his prime?

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Yi-Long2919d ago

... what a fucking legend!

40 year old and still one of the very best keepers the game has ever had. Also, he's been consistently great all throughout his career.

lukie1222918d ago

I agree but it's BS that he doesn't want to play for holland anymore!

Yi-Long2918d ago

... and he wants to give Stekelenburg his opportunity in Oranje. TBH, I would also love to still see him in Oranje, but at the same time I can understand how a guy his age also needs his rest instead of having to fly all over Europe for qualifiers with the national team.

I'm sure he knows what's best for him. Just a shame he'll quit after this season. Only a couple of matches left and then it's over, while he's still one of the best keepers in the game today.