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Players attack a referee in Córdoba

Things got out of hand in this regional league game in Córdoba between Juventud Cátolica de Río Segundo and Sportivo Laguna Larga. The incident kicked off when the Juventud players took exception to the referee's decision and one of them hit the official.

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The Hunter2088d ago

Terrible! Where is the respect?

zico2088d ago

Agree. This happens sometimes in hockey, but discussing. DISRESPECTED BEHAVIOR!

Corepred42088d ago

This is one thing I hate about soccer. Do they sign something that says as soon as you play soccer you forget how to throw a decent punch? I know this incident is bad and ridiculous but geez every fight you see during soccer they fight like freakin girls!

zico2088d ago

@corepred4: It should not be fights in football! players are role models for many young upcoming players, and I don`t want them to see these kinds of happenings!

zeddy2088d ago

who knows what happend? the refs over there are corrupt.

theonlylolking2087d ago

It is official soccer/football(whatever you call it) makes people violent...jk

ChrisW2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I remember when my French teacher's husband had his nose bitten off for making a bad call. Things like that make me hate football sometimes.

My personal opinion, a baseball bat to the knees of every player that threw a punch.