UEFA Champions League: Predicting the Quarterfinals, Semifinal and Final

It’s time for yet another International break. This is by the far the worst possible timing for another round of dull and predictable qualifying games.

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nieuwland142128d ago

What Manchester through, rubbish!

lukie1222128d ago

Inter and Man u path are BS.

zinedine2128d ago

I think finals Chelsea vs Barca, Chelsea may not have been in great shape but they have bounced back.

hendrikmaster2128d ago

Finals: Manchester United vs Barca or Manchester vs Real Madrid.

freeduck2128d ago

It will be Chelsea vs Barca. Barca win 3-1

ManU are not strong enough to win the tournament

Anderson82127d ago

and liverpool aren't strong enough to qualify for the champions league...

..sorry i had to

Mozilla892127d ago

Okay lets get one thing straight. If United do beat Chelsea, there is no way they would lose to Inter, same would apply if Chelsea beat United.

I'm really interested in seeing Shaktar vs. Barcelona.

freeduck2127d ago

Shakhtar is a strong team this year, but I feel that they will get pwned by Barca's midfield

Anderson82127d ago

that game is the only forgone conclusion as good as shakhtar are playing barca will destroy them