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Zinedine Zidane Makes Fool Out of Keeper

French legend still has it.

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nieuwland142585d ago

That keeper just got powned!

Corepred42584d ago

The keeper looked red like a tomato when he went to shake his hand, lol.

hendrikmaster2585d ago

Zidane, showing class even at old age.

Mozilla892584d ago

Agreed, I didn't get into watching football until WC 2006 but wow, watching him play was something else.

RedDevils2584d ago

wow you're so late into the game, may I ask how old were you when you started watching football, as for me I started watching since I was 5 :)

Mozilla892584d ago

I was 16 in the summer of 2006 so yeah, I got interested really late on. My family and I were visiting our uncle for a few weeks and he was into football.

I was bored so I started watching World Cup matches as well and the rest is history! Of course this lead to one of my first major football memories being Zidane's headbutt hence the profile pic haha.

arjman2585d ago

He's still the king...

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