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Landon Donovan gets mad at a reporter.

Landon Donovan shows a news reporter how much he doesn't like his questions.

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lukie1222765d ago

I would also get mad with these questions!

nieuwland142765d ago

This is pretty unprofessional for him, he should be honored that people even want to interview him.

freeduck2765d ago

Lol was this a joke interview or something? No way a reporter would ask these retarded questions

Nightfallen2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

This is definitely a fake interview, a microphone does not brake that easily and how did the camera at the end flash like that? He didn't brake the camera. Anyway funny interview.

FReeDoM4ALL2765d ago

Meh... not real. Just a viral video released by Gatorade...

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