Mario Balotelli; Change Your Attitude or Leave

Possibly unhinged Eastlands attacker in danger of being shipped out.

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nieuwland142221d ago

Its about time, Balotelli has been acting like such a brat lately.

hendrikmaster2221d ago

He is every coach's nightmare!

lukie1222221d ago

Balotelli is so coacky he should show some respect!

ultramoot2221d ago

Why did they buy him in the first place? They were probably aware that ever coach at Inter had given up on him because of his poor attitude.

At this rate, he's never going to be anything more than a "could have been" player.

Anderson82221d ago

its true they knew what they were buying he had this rep long before he joined so they cant really complain

Alexvizzio2220d ago

Sack his arse!! If at least he was charismatic or super-talented but not even that. He must be on drugs all the time to think the world needs him.