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Arsenal FC: The Five Youngsters That Represent the Future of the Club

In recent times, Arsenal have produced a multitude of youngsters who dazzle, come with a lot of expectations and have immense potential.

Some of them go onto fulfill their potential (Jack Wilshere) this season, but some fade away and disappoint (Fran Merida).

Presently, Arsenal have several talented players in their rank who are capable of capturing a place in the bench. This year we have seen players like Ignasi Miquel, Connor Henderson and Henri Lansbury all receive playing time in either the Carling Cup or the FA Cup, and all three have impressed

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Yi-Long2647d ago

... Ryo Miyaichi. Brilliant brilliant young player who has absolutely everything to become an absolute sensation.

kulka2646d ago

He is brillant and should easily become the best Asian player of all time with Wilshere and few others Arsenal a great upcoming team they just need someone to lead them Gerrard type of player would do miracles at the team

Yi-Long2646d ago

... who would be perfect for that role, plus it might also mean Ryo would have someone at the club to kinda help him with stuff...

kulka2646d ago

Honda might actually work good player, creative suits Arsenal style of football But the language barrier may be a problem I say the younger player's need a leader who can speak English but they can buy Honda he could be useful