St Pauli Vs Schalke Suspended After Linesman Is Hit With Pint of Beer

Bundesliga strugglers St Pauli may find themselves in hot water for this incident. The home side had already had two players sent off and were trailing in this crucial relegation battle before the linesman was hit by a plastic cup full of beer in the 88th minute which forced referee Deniz Aytekin to bring the game to a halt.

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nieuwland142118d ago

St pauli fans were just frustrated.

hendrikmaster2118d ago

This is disrespectful they should be banned.

Sahil2117d ago

Are those fans high or what, that is simply awful.

kulka2117d ago

What a waste should leave it for Friday party lol

GJ232116d ago

Free beer, who can complain?

In all seriousness, Good throw

No really that is disgraceful