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Liverpool FC: How the Reds XI Might Look in 2015

It has been over 20 years since Liverpool won its last League title in 1990.

Since, then Liverpool have come close on more than one occasion but failed to achieve that ultimate target.

After coming agonizingly close in 2009, many fans expected Liverpool to cross that hurdle soon. But the last two seasons have been nothing short of dreadful for the Reds.

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freeduck2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Martin Kelly should be in the starting 11 next season, preferably as a CB.
----------Reina(hopefully)--- ---
Johnson - Kelly - Agger - New LB
------Meireles--Gerrard------ ---
Suarez-----Aquilani------New Winger
----------Carroll------------ -

Subs: Lucas, Carra, Skrtl, Kuyt, Shelvey, Spearing, Gulacsi

With Kenny in charge, that lineup is easily premier league champions

GJ232608d ago

Kelly is definately liverpool's best player. Not sure if it's strong enough to win the title though

kulka2609d ago

with United likely to overtake our record this season we must take back what's rightfully ours we can do it next season

Sahil2609d ago

Seriously man, we need a world-class winger & defender and Aqualini back!

GJ232608d ago

Not looking very strong. Big changes are needed if they want to go for champions league as well