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Highlights: West Brom 2-1 Liverpool (English Premier League - 02.04.11)

0-1 M. Skrtel 50'
1-1 C. Brunt 62'(pen)
2-1 C. Brunt 88'(pen)

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moha102634d ago

Why? Always when I start believing Liverpool will take the next step towards top 4, they disappointed me:-(

no_more_heroes2634d ago

relegation threatened team gain superpowers near the end of the season in a bid to save themselves.

zootang2633d ago

I glad Roy did one over his old club. He deserved it. No end in sight for Liverpool.

zico2634d ago

Carroll: What Carroll did in Newcastle was great, but it helps us little when he plays like this for us:-(
Of course he should get some time to get used to new club, new tactic and so on. We must give him some time and I HOPE he will get success in LFC; but I doubt!

no_more_heroes2633d ago

Give him time, he's still not fully fit. Judge him next season when he's allowed some proper preparation with his new teammates in pre-season first.

kulka2634d ago

Kyrgaikos was terrible today gave away two penalties we need to strenghten in the summer

zico2634d ago

Totally Agree With You Kulka!! Why using him at all!!! Give him back to a greece team! We have other defenders we can use, and if not, play with 10men. That is better than Kyrgaikos at the field!

freeduck2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Yes liverpool loses to a team that is fighting relegation battle.
That, and we are in an injury-crisis since the start of this game. Agger, Johnson, Aurelio, Kelly all injured. We have no real RB or LB's now. This could've been a game where Konchesky be useful in
Kyrgiakos and Wilson are poor subs. Kyrgiakos gave away two penalties, and another one against Braga. Our defense cost us the game, really

zootang2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Excuses! Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea have all lost major players this season and have still done well.

Man Utd have lost Rio, Scholes, Park etc
Arsenal have lost Cesc, Van Persie, Walcott etc
Chelsea have lost Lampard, Terry, Essien etc

Liverpool just can't cut it anymore.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

freeduck2633d ago

You're not understanding Liverpool's situation. You're forgetting that Hodgson was the manager for most of the season, who failed to produce decent signings (exception of Meireles) and loaned out Aquilani and Insua, and led us to horrible defeats to the likes of Wolves, Blackpool, Newcastle, and Blackburn.

Had Kenny been there all along, I'm sure Liverpool would be comfortably sitting in the top 4.

GJ232632d ago

I agree, with Suarez joining you i thought you would have turned the corner. Kelly is great player as well. Shame liverpool have really weak players in one or two positions that really let their team down

kulka2634d ago

Mertesacker and Coentrao plus Hazard and we are champions next year teams above are not that far above at all United only won 5 away games this season

Sahil2633d ago

@zootang: All four clubs have world class players, do you find any world-class player in LFC apart from Stevie G and Reina(for god sake to fight for the title in the best league in world, we need special players).

@Kulka: can you please convey a message of mine to Kenny.. Get Ashley Young and Coentrao, he's not listening to me.

In Madam Alexis We Trust, We United.. Piss on us!

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The story is too old to be commented.