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Highlights: AC Milan 3-0 Inter Milan (Italian Serie A, 2.4.11)

1-0 Pato 1'
2-0 Pato 62'
3-0 Cassano (pen) 90'

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nieuwland142071d ago

ac milan just dominated the entire game

ohahCantona2071d ago

strong victory! and without Zlatan!

zico2071d ago

The red and black represent style today! Fantastic!

Sahil2071d ago

They're gonna win the scudetto this year, they are unstoppable sometimes!

zico2071d ago

sometimes unstoppable, sometimes playing bad! They need to play more like they did today, but sure: They now are big favorites to the title

Sahil2071d ago

Agree and I thought Zlatan played today, without him it's a great win.

GJ232071d ago

Definately need to be more consistent. Have dissapointed so many times this season

The Hunter2071d ago

Seedorf was class!! Hope he comes back and finish his carreer at Ajax..

zico2071d ago

hope he retire after this season, winning Lo Scudetto

zico2071d ago

Seedorf is far over the top. Played good yesterday, but I don`t think he has been good this season. Ajax should continue playing with young talents, not getting back old stars who only has a name.

Anderson82071d ago

seedorf still has enough class left to play at the top level... maybe not every week but in a bit part role i remember him bossing the second leg at spurs as well

kulka2071d ago

Seedorf is still very good but too old to keep playing well every week Milan need's to invest in youth

GJ232071d ago

He'd be fine in the dutch league, also what better player for they young players to learn from. His knowledge would be invaluble

GJ232071d ago

Would be nice to see him back. he'd be a great influence on the younger players

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