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EPL: The 5 Best Swearing Incidents in the English Premier League

Bleacher Report: Wayne Rooney's disgraceful swearing into the camera after scoring a hat-trick against West Ham was deplorable. Not because he corrupted the minds of young English children though. I can safely say that most English teenagers know their way around swearing.

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nieuwland142611d ago

It is disgraceful as a proffesional to swear like that on tv.

zootang2610d ago

Yet we seem to hear the croud chant similar things and no one calls for swearing at stadiums to be band, strange?


Yeah its also disgraceful when Drogba also swore on TV too and when that little prick Ashley Cole bringing an air rifle to the training ground and actually shooting someone, yet fuck all got done. FA = DISGRACE

kulka2611d ago

yup with kids watching the game it doesn't give a good impression

zinedine2611d ago

No it certainly doesn't Rooney is a role model for thousands of children he should act like one.

presto7172610d ago

Wayne Rooney is not paid to be a role model for anybody. He is a professional footballer for Manchester United Football Club. Rooney plays football for a living, and we know him as a footballer. Whatever else he decides to do is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Let him be!!!

Sahil2610d ago

@ presto717 thank you for telling us the real wayne rooney story.

zinedine was just sayin a good thing regarding rooney and just made it worse.

GJ232611d ago

4 made me laugh

Harry Redknapp is a whiney idiot all the time then

lilinyi2610d ago

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karim2610d ago

Drogba's swearing was in a CL match,nothing to do with EPL !
Really sad when kids who are watching hear something like this