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Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter & Chelsea - why these sides will be the Champions League final four

A Chelsea, Inter, Barca and Madrid final four? Read on to find out why that may be the case and to make sure, via our match centre, that you don't miss a thing...

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nieuwland142485d ago

I think these will be the final four except real-tottenam will be close.

zinedine2485d ago

Manchester vs Chelsea and Tottenam vs Real Madrid are the two matches that will be close.

ohahCantona2485d ago

United and Real will win.

RedDevils2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

as long as Martin Atkinson is not allow to ref the game whenever United play Chelsea, then we'll win, Chelsea will have no chance

Mozilla892485d ago

It's naive to say Chelsea have no chance.

Sahil2485d ago

Chelsea-United both have equal chances of making into the semis

GJ232485d ago

Very hard to call these games. 50-50 ones will go either way and the smaller teams have a great chance of causing an upset

no_more_heroes2485d ago

To be perfectly honest, I want to see Real Madrid win it. I know, I'm a Barca supporter, but it would be like seeing a new team that's never won it before (even though they've won it 9 times). If anything, Barca can win it next year (if Arsenal don't :p).

Sahil2485d ago

Both these games would be great, looking fwd to the madrid-spurs match, what does mourinho have in store for them.