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Chelsea And Katy Perry Join Forces For New Adidas Advertising Campaign

Chelsea and Katy Perry have teamed up to create Adidas’ new ‘All In’ advertising campaign.

The 30-second clip is a montage of Chelsea players and other stars from the world of sport and music on the Adidas books.

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nieuwland142604d ago

This is great for Chelsea's and Katy Perry's publicity.

karim2604d ago

From now on,I am a Katy Perry fan

zootang2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

I miss good adverts like the old Nike ones with the Brazil Team. The new nike ones with Arsenal are pants and the reason why nike are second to addidas. That's what happens when you adverstise a second rate team.
These and the Samsung adds are the only reason why Chelsea are recognized outside of England.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

GJ232602d ago

quite a crap advert tbf