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Highlights: Real Madrid 4-0 Tottenham (UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals, 1st Leg - 05/04/2011)

1-0 Adebayor 4'
2-0 Adebayor 57'
3-0 Dí Maria 72'
4-0 Ronaldo 87'

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kulka2572d ago

Lol Spurs were destroyed no comeback on anymore Real are progressing

zeddy2572d ago

well spurs are good at all out attack so the 2nd leg should be more enjoyable to watch even though they will still lose.

RedDevils2572d ago

Man Crouch was stupid, I wonder is there a place high enough to hang him lol

Sahil2572d ago

Congrats Madrid on making to the last four, 4 goals but still a boring game.. lol

zeddy2572d ago

this is what happens when you get a man sent off early, it was going to be dull after that.

The Hunter2572d ago

This is sad for Tottenham and Van der Vaart! On the other side, I hope for a el classico in the semi-finals!!

Sahil2572d ago

5 El Clasicos this year and 4 are yet to come, Can't wait :)

cleanhealthy122572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )


madrid vs barcelona - league
barcelona vs madrid- copa del rey
madrid vs barcelona - champions - possibly
barcelona vs madrid- champions - possibly
barcelona vs madrid- spanish super cup
madrid- barcelona- League 11/12 season

Sahil2572d ago

haha.. nice catch, I shud've said this season!

RedDevils2572d ago

that gonna be freaking boring

GJ232572d ago

Glad i wont have to hear him complining and being miserable through the rest of the rounds

Maradona2572d ago

There are many years since last time i saw Madrid played like this. A great performance.

GJ232572d ago

Really played some nice patterns today. Good tactics by mourinho

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The story is too old to be commented.