Highlights: Inter Milan 2-5 Schalke 04 (UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals 1st Leg - 05/04/11)

1-0 D. Stankovic 1'
1-1 J. Matip 17'
2-1 D. Milito 33'
2-2 E. Oliveira 40'
2-3 Raúl 53'
2-4 A. Ranocchia 57'(og)
2-5 E. Oliveira 75'

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crazyturkey2329d ago

I think this is the reality of Serie A in Europe. Outperformed by a strong Schalke side.

no_more_heroes2329d ago

...who are underperforming severely in the Bundesliga.

GJ232329d ago

yeah makes the victory even better for them

GJ232329d ago

Italian football isnt looking very good at the moment.

Yi-Long2328d ago

... Italian football has never really looked good, with only a couple of clubs who dare to play football and have relatively strong teams, and the rest are mostly piss-poor.

How many footballers who were really good in the Serie A have actually performed and impressed in leagues like the PL or the Spanish league? Zola, Zidane, who else?

Personally, I rate the Bundesliga and the Dutch Eredivisie over the Serie A. The French League is probably better as well.

NanoSoldier2328d ago

you guys know that inter won last year?

GJ232328d ago

Yeah i did say at the moment lol.

zeddy2329d ago

amazing goal by Stankovic!

Anderson82328d ago

best champions league goal i've seen in a while

Sahil2328d ago

I never thought Inter-Schalke's news would overtake Real-Spurs :)

RGB2329d ago

Júlio César... once super keeper, now keeping clown. What happened, so brilliant last year and now just letting nothing chances in.

Sahil2329d ago

He made some really great saves, you can't do anything when your defense is all over the place.

He did his best, i guess :)

Mozilla892329d ago

Exactly, it's much easier to look great when Lucio and Walter Samuel are the two center backs in front of you.

Sahil2329d ago

What a performance by Schalke, I won 20 quid from my friend, he said Inter will win(when milito scored), I knew from the moment they scord their first, schalke would beat them!

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