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Berlusconi eyes Ronaldo swoop

AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi dreams of signing Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and has told Adriano Galliani to begin negotiations.

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zico2631d ago

why should he go to Milan? He want to win something with Real! It`s bigger to win LaLiga than it is to win Italian SerieA

Sahil2631d ago

Yeah, I don't see him going to a DEAD LEAGUE, Maybe EPL:)

Domer252630d ago

Damn how many champion league's do serie A teams have to win to get any respect around here??

GJ232630d ago

Dont need to win the champions league to get respect, just play well, consistent, entertaining and fair football is enough. Italian teams have been lacking in these areas

Sahil2630d ago

Do you even hear what's happening around the world, Serie A now has 3 spots.. it was past and if you're tokin about last year's champions league(well, If you send mourinho to roma, he'll win the CL with them too)

FYI, Accod. to me no club can ever match the stature of AC Milan in CL, not even madrid but Milan are falling prey to not-so-popular clubs, dat makes it unbelievable.

GJ232630d ago

No way that'll happen. He likes playing with the best