English Premier League: Looking at the Top 15 British One-Club Players

It's a rare commodity these days to find a football player who has remained with just one club over the course of their entire career. With the amount of money clubs have available to spend on players, the temptations to switch clubs has never been greater.

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nieuwland142326d ago

Giggs is still one of the best midfielders in britain maybe europe.

zinedine2326d ago

Gerrard and Giggs are the heartbeats of man u and liverpool and clubheroes.

lukie1222326d ago

and terry the clubhero of chelsea :)

hendrikmaster2326d ago

Giggs is and will stay a Manchester legend...

Sahil2319d ago

Gerrard is the one of the most creative midfielders in the history of football.

GJ232318d ago

Gonna be hard to see such things happening these days. Shame, some real legends here