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Neymar Scores, Puts Mask On His Face, Gets Sent Off

Santos forward Neymar is developing into a player that a great many people can’t stand. Here he disputes in a fairly childish manner at the decision to give him a second yellow card for picking up a mask (which depicted himself, oddly enough) after he had scored a goal. Watch then as he petulantly throws the mask at the referee when he is sent off. Also watch as he waltzes through to score his goal and no one in the Colo Colo defence can be bothered to tackle him. Spotted on Dirty Tackle.

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nieuwland142391d ago

beatiful goal, by the way.

Sahil2391d ago

Got sent off for putting on a mask, wtf

zinedine2391d ago

Brilliant goal, but yellow card for a mask????

hendrikmaster2391d ago

Haha this is the silliest yellow card ever

Sahil2390d ago

They won't let strikers enjoy for their hard work :)

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The story is too old to be commented.