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FC Barcelona: Five Reasons Barca Will Win the Champions League

FC Barcelona were back to their brilliant best last night as they destroyed Shakhtar Donetsk 5-1 in the first-leg of their UEFA Champions League quarterfinal at the Camp Nou.

At one point however, it could've been all different as Yaroslav Rakitskiy netted to pull a goal back for the Ukrainians to make it 3-1.

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nieuwland142688d ago

they are the best team in the world, they will win.

zico2688d ago

Maybe the best team ever?

zootang2688d ago

They struggled against pants Arsenal. Manchester United or Chelsea could beat them. I'm sick of the Barca love in, you boys gagging to watch good football because your clubs are pants?

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Sahil2688d ago

They struggled against Arsenal like United did against Marseille(at Marseille 0-0), every team struggles in away games.. Don't tell me Barca struggled at home against Arsenal.

Barca has changed football, I know you have a special place for the kind of football they play in your heart :)

zootang2688d ago

We struggled at Marseille? Again, clueless about football. An away draw against the French CHAMPIONS was a perfect result. Barca lost away against pants Arsenal. Speak for yourself, you talk more about Barca than your own team. Suppose it gets boring watching the Europa cu.... oh wait.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Sahil2687d ago

French Champions.. French Champions..
Don't compare French clubs to EPL Clubs, the french top 3 would finish 8,9,10 in EPL and Yeah, it looks like I am the ONLY ONE who's talking about Barca. Seriously, you talk such nonsense sometimes.

FYI, I can talk about any club I want.. I'M HERE TO TALK ABOUT FOOTBALL!

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GJ232688d ago

They will win. Only a miracle will stop them now

wantedboys2688d ago

real madrid will stop them you will see

freeduck2688d ago

Barca got this in the bag. They dominate every aspect of the game

Sahil2688d ago

I can only think of one, They'll just win!