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Justin Bieber trains with Barcelona

Canadian teenage popstar was the centre of attention as he took part in a recent training sensation with the Spanish giants alongside several up-and-coming players

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nieuwland142360d ago

did just get to meet messi because hes a singer???

kulka2360d ago

Haha the skill of him is amazing

GJ232360d ago

I wish someone would have broken his legs. Awful person

Sahil2360d ago

haha.. I was thinking the same.

Idree2359d ago

Why is he an aweful person??

He's just a kid, nothing for you to worry about.

Sahil2359d ago

Nah, I was just thinking about breaking his legs(not that he's an awful person.. i know he's just a kid)

GJ232359d ago

I know he's just a kid but his music gives me headaches its that bad. There is no getting away from it either, its always on somewhere

EazyC2359d ago

lol @ the one girl disagreeing with all the comments!

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karim2359d ago

Barcelona's new name = Bieberlona

bananasNmonkeys2359d ago

News justin, Bieberlona hosts Justin Bieber at training session.

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