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zootang2420d ago

And the reds go marching..... on! on! on!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

RedDevils2420d ago

I guess those looser that keep pressing the disagree button are very proud lol

DavidLuiz42420d ago

Can i disagree please !! :)

zico2420d ago

Nani was great today.

ohahCantona2420d ago

Agree. specially 1st goal was nice.

ohahCantona2420d ago

Not offside when he gets the ball. Perfect timing!

Sahil2419d ago

Tight call, it looked offside for the first time.

GJ232420d ago

Too easy. Berbatov and Nani were different class. Glad to see Anderson back in the first team


Ahh Valencia how me missed you

Sahil2419d ago

Valencia and Nani both were good but valencia spceially, was amazing on the pitch. Good player :)

RedDevils2420d ago

Valencia and Nani were awesome, NOW FA should be ashame of themself for not including Nani in PFA

Anderson82419d ago

i thought he was included

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