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Paper Talk: City want Wilshere

Manchester City are lining up a £40million move for Jack Wilshere, Spurs are chasing Edinson Cavani, while Liverpool could sign Brad Friedel.

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lukie1222602d ago

Cavani and Wilshere may happen but i think Reina will keep keeping : ) at liverpool.

RedDevils2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

May happen you say? hahah that will be never happen, why would Wenger sell his promising youngster who he got plenty of years to juice, bad business, unless City willing to give them 70ml LOL

lukie1222602d ago

True, but as long Man city contain there bosses they will have 50ml waiting for him. And he's not really worth 70ml...

GJ232595d ago

Yeah i agree with you. He's Arsenal's future

RedDevils2602d ago

I know he not worth 70ml, I was trying to say if they were to buy him, it would be an insane money to be able to lure him away

GJ232602d ago

Wenger would never sell him

Sahil2598d ago

Don't see him going to rubbish club. Arsenal suits his style of play.