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Wayne Rooney and Football's Rudest Verbal Assaults

The recent controversy caused by Wayne Rooney's verbal outburst at a camera has caused a great deal of debate over how swearing and the like should be dealt with in football.

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Sahil2440d ago

Yeah, everytime is see that video, it makes me laugh :)

GJ232434d ago

He complains too much, he should be happier since he got his team in the CL

Sahil2434d ago

No he doesn't, complaining is wenger's job.

zinedine2440d ago

What about Materazzi and Zidane?

Sahil2440d ago

hmmm, how can they forget that historic night.

GJ232434d ago

I think it was cause it wasd not as obvious to see the insult

Sahil2434d ago

Materazzi should also have been booked for that.

GJ232440d ago

The Fergie balloon one always makes me laugh

Sahil2434d ago

hahaha.. true, that one is fun as hell.