Chelsea boss planning 'something special' for United

Carlo Ancelotti knows Chelsea must beat Manchester United on Tuesday if they have any hopes of saving their season - or if the Italian wants to keep his job.

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nieuwland142321d ago

I think if they can come back and beat man u they have the CL!

Sahil2320d ago

Not really, a Spanish club in the final would be a tough cookie to crack

nieuwland142321d ago

If he doesn't win he will lose his job...

Mozilla892320d ago

I don't think so, I think Abramovich (hopefully) realizes the need for stability and will give Ancelotti plenty of time. You have to give coaches time to get the players to implement their system. It can take 3 or 4 years for a coach to put his stamp on the team.

Besides I don't really see any great coaches out there that would make a huge difference right now.

GJ232315d ago

It'll definately take that long. Should stay until he has the players he wants

Sahil2320d ago

I don't think Ancelotti will get sacked if they doesn't win tommorrow, at the ned of this season can Ancelotti leave the job, but not the other way around.

GJ232315d ago

He'll be safe for next season. Had a good season just hasnt had silverware. Doubt many managers could do a better job at chelsea than he is doing

zinedine2321d ago

I hope this will be an interesting game...

GJ232320d ago

Cannot see them getting more than a draw from the theater of dreams. Hope it's a good game, i think 2-2

Sahil2320d ago

I hope we get to see a PENALTY SHOOTOUT, maybe terry would like it too :)