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zico2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Carroll - man of the match! I like what I see

Sahil2067d ago

Yup, the whole team was like freaking different, each and everyone was working hard, great team effort, amazing movement, I too liked what I saw!!!

kulka2068d ago

Yup we now have the best striking partnership in England Flanegan was also very good on his debut we also have some quality youngsters

GJ232067d ago

Apart from Rooney, Berbatov and Chicarito?

Anderson82067d ago

lol they're good but not the best

zico2068d ago

This was a deserved and comfortable 3-0 victory. Hope they can bring confidence and all the positive things we saw today in the match against Arsenal on Sunday.

no_more_heroes2068d ago

I love this new Liverpool. They completely DOMINATED from first whistle to last. Brilliant performance, and so were the goals.

Arsenal, you're gonna face hell next week. Be VERY prepared.

Sahil2067d ago

hahaha.. gonna be hell of a game!

crazyturkey2068d ago

If only Liverpool would play as they do against the big sides more often they would not be outside of the top four.

zico2068d ago

Agree, we have beaten all the top teams: United, Chelseas, City, and we should have had 3 points against Arsenal first match this season but ended up draw. But my point is: We are good enough to challenge top 4 and the TITLE, but need to take more points against the bottom and middle teams!

One thing we can do about that is to get a bigger squad with quality players!

kulka2067d ago

Agree we need a wider range of players someone who can step up if another player gets injured back up players and quality wingers

Anderson82067d ago

dont get ahead of yourself with carrol and suarez you can maybe challenge for the top four but your 4 quality midfielders away from getting anywhere near the title..

Sahil2067d ago

After watching this match, I truly felt we can challenge for the 4th spot, I mean like SPURS have got CHE, ARS, LIV and CITY to play on the other hand CITY have only got SPURS and FA cup(hope they reach final, it wud make their season more hectic).

Go TRUE Reds!

RedDevils2067d ago

Even if you win all the top 4 teams both legs, it won't make a lot of different if you end up loosing to a smaller teams, consistency is the key

GJ232062d ago

Liverpool are good against better teams but they fall apart almost against teams of similar quality to them

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no_more_heroes2067d ago

just hopefully not next week ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.