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Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City: Carroll opens Reds account

City have nothing in reply as the Reds dismantle Sky Blues in 34 minutes leaving Roberto Mancini to lament Tevez injury and cast doubts for FA Cup semi-final against United.

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zico2479d ago

man of the match -Carroll

GJ232473d ago

I agree, good performance

Sahil2473d ago

Yeah, everyone played their part well.

kulka2479d ago

Lucas and Kuyt were also brillant the whole team performed well we need to be more consistent beat weaker teams and we might just nick the 5 place

Sahil2479d ago

All four were brilliant on the field, Meireles, Suarez, Kuyt and Caroll. If take wins from every game(which is hard but totally do-able), then we can be DEAD ready for the next season!

GJ232473d ago

City just couldnt handle them. Well deserved for liverpool

Sahil2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

City were great in the first 15 minutes but after that, they blew it.