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Alisher Usmanov failed with two late offers to stop Stan Kroenke taking control of the club

Telegraph Sport can confirm that, once Usmanov was informed that Lady Bracewell-Smith had agreed to sell her pivotal 15.9 per cent stake to Kroenke, he attempted to derail the deal with offers of £12,500 and then £13,000 per share. That would have secured Lady Bracewell-Smith an extra £12.36 million and blown the Arsenal takeover battle wide open.

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no_more_heroes2565d ago

How much you wanna bet that he'll now try to buy another club and "Abramovich" them into a top club? Wouldn't be surprised if he bought Tottenham or something.

Sahil2564d ago

Yeah, when they are in it, they are in it for good, the guy still hasn't bought Arsenal, I guess.

GJ232559d ago

Why doesnt he just sell his shares and buy a new club. Would make more sense