Lionel Messi's brother survives shooting at his Argentinian home

Footballer Lionel Messi’s brother survived after a gunman sprayed the front of his house with bullets.

Matias Messi, 28, dived for cover after the motorcyclist started shooting a handgun in Rosario, Argentina.

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The Hunter2178d ago

Was the shooter jealous that he is the brother of the best footballer in the world? Sad people over there..

Sahil2177d ago


Ohh.. now I see why there hasn't been any shooting around Ronaldo's house :)

ultramoot2178d ago

What a nice world we live in. A world where people hate others for no other reason than being popular and/or successful. /sarcasm

GJ232173d ago

Maybe the brother was a horrible person?
People are stupid though

GJ232178d ago

Must have been a Ronaldo fan

Sahil2177d ago

haha.. messi will answer him with his goal "shooting".