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World Football: Ranking the Top 25 Free-Kick Specialists on the Planet

Free kick's can be just as dangerous as penalties when taken from the right position and when executed by someone with a talent at set pieces.

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RedDevils2626d ago

WTF C.Ronaldo 2nd? he ratio of converting the freekick is so bad, almost as bad as Nani lol well maybe not as bad as Nani, but he 2nd is just unbelievable

GJ232625d ago

I think Ronaldo just puts his foot through it and hopes for the best. Although his free kicks do give other players a chance to score on the reboung

Sahil2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

I think rogerio Ceni, the keeper who recently scored his 100th goal from a free kick should be number one.

GJ232625d ago

Junihno deserves it. He has scored some unbelievable free kicks