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Highlights: Schalke 2-1 Inter Milan [Agg 7-3] (Champions League Quarter-Finals 2nd Leg - 13/04/11)

1-0 Raúl 43'
1-1 T. Motta 45'
2-1 B. Höwedes 81'

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no_more_heroes2383d ago

Good GOD! Trust me, people, Schalke fully deserved it. They were definitely the better team over both legs.

Do not underestimate them, Man Utd.

Pacman3212383d ago

Im not underestimating them, but i don't think they'll be as hard as Chelsea.
Plus, Inter aren't exactly hard to beat at the moment.

Anderson82383d ago

agreed..inter were lucky to get past bayern, they're not as good as they were last year.. however any semi-final is tough and it'll be a hard game for us

Sahil2383d ago

Hoping to see a good semi-final between united-schalke, I hope it is better than Barca-madrid :)

zico2383d ago

Schalke has Raul. He still surprise me. Fantastic player!

Rockstar_Panda2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

How many goals does he have in CL?

Sahil2383d ago

5 this year and 77 in total. I did the wikipedia work for you :)

ngecenk2383d ago

totally agree.. it suprised me a lot how fast he was on this match.

some people just refuse to get older!

Sahil2383d ago

He should probably finish his career in Scahlke, he's got a new life.

KingPin2383d ago

some people just refuse to get older!

Ryan Giggs knows all about that ;)

no_more_heroes2383d ago

midway through the second half, I saw Raul chase down an overhit long ball to the touch line trying to prevent a goal kick and was totally amazed at how fast he reached it.

Half of having pace is having the determination to go that fast (Usain Bolt) and it seems Raul is still as determined as ever.

crazyturkey2383d ago

Inter got outclasses by a mid table side in Germany. Also Raul still has it.

no_more_heroes2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Their Bundesliga position is deceptive IMO. I feel that has more to do with problems with Felix Magath. They're usually up there challenging for the title, even though they haven't won it since before it became the Bundesliga. So, they're like the German Liverpool.

GJ232382d ago

Felix situation really disturbed their season. Should be higher up the table but some of the players/staff were distracted

GJ232382d ago

Seems like the Italian league is really weak.

GJ232383d ago

Congrats to Schalke, They deserve it

Sahil2383d ago

Fantastic performance, saw the second half of the game.. was bored by Spurs performance.

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The story is too old to be commented.