El Clasico World Series: Five Reasons Real Madrid Can Whitewash Barcelona

Real Madrid and Barcelona are set to meet four times in the space of 18 days, in what's being billed as the 'El Clasico World Series,'

The great rivals meet in La Liga on Saturday, at the Bernabeu, before attentions turn to next Wednesday's Copa del Rey final in Valencia.

And then it gets really interesting. A Champions League semi-final over two legs, culminating in what promises to be a tumultuous crescendo at Camp Nou.

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nieuwland142235d ago

I think Barca will win all of them, they are unbeatable.

GJ232235d ago

Unless your team is hercules

Sahil2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Barca did beat Hercules at their home, it was just one time thing.

GJ232235d ago

I know, still counts though :P

zinedine2235d ago

I think it will 50/50 Madrid 2 games Barca 2 games.

Sahil2235d ago

I've got only one reason on why Barca will whitewash Real.. They are Barca!

GJ232235d ago

One win each, two draws