Top 10 Players Who Never Reached Their Potential with Madrid and Barcelona

Starting this weekend, fans of football will get to witness four El Classico matches before the end of the year. The league meeting at the Bernabéu, The Copa del Rey Final, and a home and away tie in the Champions League semi-finals.

Some of the most talented professionals have graced the Camp Nou and the Bernabéu. Ronaldo, Beckham, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho are just an example of the types of talent associated with these historic and dominant sides.

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nieuwland142169d ago

Has Owen played at Madrid???

zinedine2169d ago

Yes, but he had a horrible season there and left after a year.

RedDevils2168d ago

that is where he got injured and his career were heading south from there

Sahil2167d ago

Shudn't have gone to Madrid, spoiled his career.

Sahil2169d ago

Granero has never lived upto the potential of a madrid player.

Sahil2167d ago

Come on.. man, stop with the spamming!