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Is This The Fastest Goal In History?

Over the years we have seen some quick goals.

Louis Saha in the FA Cup final against Chelsea, scored in the first 25 seconds. Inter Milan’s Dejan Stankovic took one less to score against Schalke last week.

But Carlos Almeida’s goal for FC Oliveira do Hospital against Arganil in the Portuguese District Football Association leagues took less than four seconds.

Goal at 0:47

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nieuwland142568d ago

Amazing but you do have to be incredibly lucky :)

no_more_heroes2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

That's not "incredibly lucky", that's Jupiter lined up with Europa, lined up with Neptune, lined up with Pluto, while a deaf Budgerigar mates with a blind Magpie on the back of a two-horned unicorn lucky!

Sahil2567d ago

That was sensational.. LOL at the keeper, had no idea whatsoever.

Sahil2567d ago

I used my stopwatch, and got 3.3 seconds :)

Mozilla892567d ago

Reminds me of FIFA 09 haha

Sahil2567d ago

Ya, haven't seen anyone scoring these goals in FIFA 11, the game has become tough.

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