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Manchester United Linked With £35m Inter Milan Swap Offer

Inter Milan are insisting Nani be included in any offer from Manchester United for Wesley Sneijder.

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson wants to bring the Dutchman to Old Trafford as a replacement for veteran midfielder Paul Scholes.

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nieuwland142356d ago

Inter would be a great club for Nani.

zootang2356d ago

Yeah you would love that. Nani loves United he would be stupid to leave and why would he?

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

GJ232356d ago

I cant see him doing well in the Italian league. Too slow for him, Spain or france would be ok for him

RedDevils2355d ago

does people here really take that seriously I mean they're a bigger joke than, and people keep posting this sort of crap to get more points? Even bleacherreport the opinion site are better

guigsy2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

No quotes, no link to their source, it's safe to assume it's complete bollocks.

Sahil2355d ago

Yeah, they sometimes produce bullshyt and this is oe of those.

Sahil2355d ago

He would not succeed in italian league, slow and boring, he shud stick with EPL.

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zinedine2356d ago

Nani should go, he is on the bench a lot lately.

FootballZilla2356d ago

What lol, United best player this season top assist in epl, and top goalscorer on winger position.

GJ232356d ago

Yup, it's a crime he's not on the PFA player of the year award

GJ232356d ago

I think thats just to avoid burnout. He's been influencial this season

Sahil2355d ago

But Berbatov has also been on the bench and he's the top scorer, maybe fergie is saving them for the tight fixtures.

Sahil2356d ago

nani will stay at United for another year maybe, I don't see making any sort of transfer, he's winning with united.


Is it me or are these transfer rumours getting even more ridiculous?

GJ232356d ago

All these stupid ones all come from

GJ232356d ago

We would need a new winger then. We have enough talent in midfield

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