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Barcelona's Dani Alves: Marcelo told me he dived for Real Madrid's penalty

Right-back, who was deemed to have fouled his countryman in the box, reveals his opponent has admitted that he threw himself to the ground to set up late equaliser

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Sahil2620d ago

Woah, this news story should've at least made it to 500 degrees, man.. I can't belive he told him that.

freeduck2620d ago

It was a clear dive by looking at the replay.
Lots of players dive in penalty boxes, but they don't really admit to it

Sahil2620d ago

Well. I guess, It's a good start then.

RedDevils2619d ago

true, but if you watch when Marcello face as he celebrate when he earn his team a penalty and get Crouch a red card lol it priceless :P

The_Nameless_One2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

marcelo is turning out to be such a classless act. Too bad because he is a good player and I was beginning to like him. A part of me wished van Bommel should have pummeled him into next season and teach him some humility.

Ever since perez took over in 2000 RM started lossing any class or soul they had. I never really like RM but I had respect for them but this year have just been the kicker. Ronaldo acting like a complete tool against Milan. Marcelo celebrating when crouch got his red, Ramos slapping his own national team mates...No class what so ever.

Good luck trying to buy your way into the champions cup Perez with Platini's financial fair play rule.

Anyways, There a really good article on FSC. CHeck it out guys.

kulka2619d ago

He should be banned for diving only 60 deegres wth ?