Leaked: Manchester United New Away Kit 2011/12

Looks pretty appalling doesn’t it? Old Trafford supporters will no doubt be hoping this is a fake.

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nieuwland142140d ago

I think it looks pretty good!

zinedine2140d ago

Agreed, but it does look a alot like the new Chelsea home shirt.

ultramoot2140d ago

That's why he's saying it looks pretty good.

sokrates2139d ago

same thing crossed my mind. I thinks it nice to see the next years champions jersey already!

hendrikmaster2140d ago

it looks amazing, well done!

Sahil2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Nice, better than the current one.

Vherostar2140d ago

Fugly really they havnt had a decent kit in a few years now..

Anderson82139d ago

truth, they change kits far too often these days.. my last away kit only lasted a season , thats just ridiculous

Senden2139d ago

I think the designers mistaken Man Utd for a rugby team. Looks bleeding awful.

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