Madrid get replica after cup flattened by bus

Real Madrid put a replica of the Copa del Rey trophy on display at its stadium after the original was crushed under the team bus amid the celebrations of its 1-0 final victory over Barcelona.

The replacement is on display at the club's trophy museum inside the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The owner of the Madrid jewelers that made the trophy provided a replica.

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nieuwland142099d ago

It just wont be the same..

zinedine2099d ago

True, they will look at that one differently.

hendrikmaster2099d ago

why can't that guy just make a new one?

RedDevils2098d ago

"I always make a spare in case something unexpected happens, lest (King Juan Carlos) be left with nothing to give out. The spare has been ready for a long time,"

jianpin2098d ago Show