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Octopus predicts Real success

An octopus named Iker, which correctly predicted the result of the last two 'classicos' between Real Madrid and Barcelona, has foreseen Real will reach the final of the UEFA Champions League.

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kulka2517d ago

Haha Barca are fu**ed no hope now real are wining it noe :P

Corepred42516d ago

lmao! This is really interesting! has the octopus ever been proven wrong?

genocidegeneral2152517d ago

in later news an octopus named victor predicts barca sucess
lol sorry couldnt resist xd

DavidLuiz42516d ago

Go on somewhere with your fashion mate

kulka2516d ago

Lol octopus victor is the real prophet :P
He got it spot on

CptBach2516d ago

He predicted real will reach the final

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