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Brazil legend Pele: I was better than both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

The 70-year-old believes that he is still the greatest player of all time, pointing out his success by winning three World Cups and scoring over 1,200 career goals.

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Maradona2555d ago

No respect for Pele. He dont know what he is talking about.

RedDevils2554d ago

"For me Pele is the best. Nobody has done more than Pele. He's the only player to be World Champion at 17, winning three World Cups and score over 1,208 goals," the former player told American reporters during an event to mark the return of the New York Cosmos to MLS.

is he talking in third person? lol always manage to make me laugh

Maradona2554d ago

Yes Pele was a great player, but all his titles was because he always had ten good players arround that made it possible. As a individual player he was not as good as Messi. And todays football comlete different.

kulka2555d ago

Pele is certainly one of best of all time but you can't compare a modern football player to players on his own playing time football has changed conditioning is better pitches are better tactically teams are better prepared player's mentallity has changed everything has changed nobody knows how pele would play against the likes of Mourinho with four players attacking him like Messi has to do on weekly basis or how would Messi do when football was tougher tackles were more common nobody knows

zico2554d ago

Pele don`t understand that todays football is totally different than 70s football, and I think he knows, but a Brazilian man can`t tell the world that a player from Argentina is better than he was.

I just always heard about Pele (my dad always told me about him), but doing things like Messi does now in 2011, in match after match, and not only this year, impressing me! I hope he will do the same for Argentina in WC Brazil, then we can ask Pele who the best player ever is.....