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250° Jose Mourinho is a disrespectful hypocrite for his post Real Madrid-Barcelona rant

"Mourinho is the best coach in the world, but as a man he still needs to learn manners and respect."

These were the words just a few months ago of none other than Mario Balotelli. Now when the Manchester City enfant terrible, whose list of misdemeanours reads longer than today’s Royal Wedding guest list, offers you advice in regal protocol and etiquette then you know you have an attitude problem.

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sokrates2582d ago

Best coach? Why?
Disagree 100%. He is the best in destroying the beauty of football. This year he doesnt win the league or CL. How come he is the best!?!

Anderson82582d ago

he does build his team off being solid defensively but their are teams that play much worse football than his.. this is his first yr and no1 really expected him to get the CL or league at the first time of asking..

i would love to see his teams play better football but playing beautifully doesnt win you anything(ask arsenal) so with that in mind he is one of the best managers around because his teams always win trophies and thats all a manager is judged by

Senden2582d ago

"i would love to see his teams play better football but playing beautifully doesnt win you anything(ask arsenal)"

I asked Arsene and he shrugged then I asked Pep and he laughed while looking for the trophy polish.

mastiffchild2582d ago

Jose never "destroyed" anything-sure, his brand of football can rely more on power than purity but the guy he learned most from(Bobby the Saint)often had pretty teams.

Jose's gift is as a man who can see how to play an opponent, spot the weak points in their strength. As a result it often seems like his sides lack personality yet when he won the Prem with Robben and Duff playing wide for Chelsea and turning Eidur into a creative number ten alongside Lamps goal's his side were VERY attacking and good to watch.

As for his feeling toward UEFA, let's just say he's taken it personally when the heart of it was an anti EPL(and even more ANTI CFC/Abramovic) agenda on Platini and Gaillard's parts. The half time Frisk incident (which brought all this up for the first time)happened EXACTLY as Steve Clarke(then Jose's right hand man at CFC) saisd it did. SC is many things but a liar isn't one of them and this is why Jose refuses to drop this fued even though it's not really aimed at him but at EPL sides(non G18 ones) and Chelsea especially.

The crimes against Chelsea in terms of draws, laying first legs at home and, Christ, refereeiong decisions have continued long after Joe left. Just look at the joke of the 2009 Barca semi where Gus out thought and his team out played a supposedly perfect Barca over two legs? Had Jose got half Hiddink's calmness he'd be about the best manager around(and if Gus had Jose's single mindedness and sych skills he would be!!). After a second leg which saw easily the worst, most biased refereeing I've witnessed in forty years of watching, playing and reporting on football Hiddink was seen calming aghast layers down and never complained-Jose would have exploded(with some reason!!) had one of his teams suffered six stone wall penalties ignored and countless other decisions against his side too.

So, for me Jose has just misread a situatrion which started off little to do with him and made himself enemies as a result of making it all about him-a Fergie "siege"mentality tactic so often seen from Man U in the Prem-but to begin with it was an anti Chelsea thing. christ, with Utd already through in 2009 both Platini(a man so racist he should never be called a man)and Gaillard were on record as hoping Chelsea would lose that night's second leg with Barca. Lo and behold-we get one of Chelsea's best ever performances alongside one of refereeing's most shameful AND from a ref NEVER heard from before or since. A man never trusted with anything LIKE a game that size at any other point in his career?

Barca should have gone out and Messi and Iniesta both gotten cards for diving and kicking out in frustration not to mention the three deliberate hand balls in the Barca box that could have led to reds too! The bias Jose talks of exists but it wasn't ever about him til he insisted on making it that way and even now(witness the way Chelsea were treated away at Jose's Inter for proof? Kalou was nearly killed and got nothing)the greater hatred is for Chelsea at UEFA. Jose just figures he can say more now he's at clubs, part of G18 etc usually loved by UEFA but now knows his mouth is a weakness as much as a strength.

If he'd shut up then he'd GET the help UEFA's trad buigv guns all enjoy. Whatever, this myth that he's "anti" football is just that, a myth and one that needs to stop with way more boring, defensive managers out there who'd NEVER have got a Porto side as flawed as Jose had to CL glory. He's proven he can do with and without cash and power-don't ignore the few times he's also done it with some flair just cos it's the "in" way to think. He can master attacking football too you know.

kulka2582d ago

agree with sokrates he is a very negative cosch always played boring defensive football for me Guardiola is the best

Tommykrem2582d ago

He is a great coach, it's very difficult to argue with that. You are a good coach if you've won the Champions League several times, and he deserves a nomination for best coach as well. Maybe he's not the best coach in the world, but he's close. He is however a disrespectful douchebag, so I agree with the article.

Sahil2581d ago

Balotelli's talking about manners.. LOL