Carlo Ancelotti admits Chelsea were 'lucky' with both goals after comeback against Tottenham

Blues boss concedes his side got the rub of the green against Spurs and defended the performance of striker Fernando Torres despite his second-half substitution.

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nieuwland142183d ago

They were lucky, but its the referee's fault...

Sahil2183d ago

Atleast, he's man enough to admit it.. fergie won't even admit it once9it happens to united every week..LUCK FACTOR)

zinedine2183d ago

Exactly, he would say they deserved it.

ad4mb2183d ago

he can do what he likes when hes that good. suck it lol.

Sahil2183d ago

ya.. that's what I said, he does what he likes.. old piece of sh!t.

ad4mb2182d ago

bless, your hatred for the best manager in the world amuses me... go win a premier league title you fools.

Sahil2183d ago

Jose has a lot of claims against officiating :)

The_Nameless_One2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Jose has a lot of claims about everything...LOLThe man's borderline insane but f#ck me he's a such a damn good manager. Too bad he's getting wasted in La Liga.

La Liga: We have other teams you know.
Premier League: Yeah?! but who the f#ck wants to see them.