Highlights: Man United 4-1 Schalke 04 [Agg 6-1] (Champions League Semi-Finals, 2nd Leg - 04/05/2011)

1-0 Valencia 26'
2-0 Gibson 31'
2-1 Jurado 35'
3-1 Anderson 72'
4-1 Anderson 76'

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Best performance from Gibson I've seen in a United Shirt.

Anderson82151d ago

he might do a fletcher and turn out to be quailty

genocidegeneral2152151d ago

really impressed by gibson he had a blinder! ,
were going to wembley! xD

zico2151d ago

congrats United fan, but what was Schalke doing in a semifinal? I have never seen such a bad team at this level.

genocidegeneral2152151d ago

i agree ,
but against inter they looked like a really good team ,
just goes to show how bad inter are i guess! lol

Anderson82151d ago

or how good united are?... i prefer to think of it that way lol

genocidegeneral2152151d ago

i was thinking after we played the first the first leg ,
but then we had that display against arsenal lol

NanoSoldier2150d ago

Inter is way better than Schalke. Such results happen sometimes like the one in San Siro. Inter-ManU would have been a great game. Schalke is crap in the Bundesliga. On each position Inter is better than Schalke. If they would repeat the match Inter-Schalke 10times Inter would win 9 out of 10.

RufustheKing2150d ago

when push came to shove, inter didn't deliver the goods. but when it became Schslker's turn to deliver the goods they flopped. i just hope Man U turns up for the final and play, not like last time.

zico2150d ago

United always playes good against Italian teams. They would have beaten Inter. Bayern Munich is a much better team than Schalke. I would like to see United meeting Bayern. It would have been a much better semifinal.

ohahCantona2151d ago

Excellent professional performance by United! Three finals in four­ years, that's amazing consistency!

Wembley here we come!

Maradona2151d ago

I does not matter in how many finals they reach if they dont win!!!! But good luck.

ohahCantona2151d ago

Barca can go to Hollywood, we are going to Wembley and win the final.

Maradona2151d ago

I think you are mixing real and barca man.

zootang2151d ago

Deserved finalists. Well done lads, 3rd CL final in 4 years!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

ohahCantona2151d ago

Than Sir Alex, you've built the world's best squad where no one is irreplaceable.

We're the famous Man United and we're going to Wembley!

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