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Premier League Season 2010/11: 15 Team and Player Awards

Bleacher Report: This season has been one of the most gripping I can recall. Even now, there is a very real relegation threat to five clubs, whereas in other seasons, relegated teams could have packed up their bags in January. New teams have shown patches of brilliance, new players have graved English football- at times.

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nieuwland142356d ago

the team of the season has not a single chelsea player?!

zinedine2356d ago

It is odd, I would definetly play Ashley Cole for Evra.

lukie1222356d ago

definetly cole is way better than evra.

ad4mb2356d ago

maybe in your dreams....

genocidegeneral2152356d ago

ashley cole should be over evra,
and van der sar should be over ali habsi

ultramoot2356d ago

What a crappy list. It's a joke.

b163o12356d ago

^^_agreed, 5mins of my life I'll never get back