The Joy of Six: Manchester United v Chelsea matches

From an 11-goal thriller in 1954 to the Peacock triptych of 1994, here are a few iconic memories from United v Chelsea games.

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nieuwland142512d ago

wow chelsea 5-6 man u, i would of wanted to be at that game

zinedine2512d ago

I would want to be at any Manchester United vs Chelsea game!

lukie1222512d ago

true every man u chelsea game is special.

Sahil2512d ago

Come on Chelsea, a repeat of last season!

DavidLuiz42512d ago

Sahil who u go for? Chelsea or Manchester United

zootang2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

A liverpool fan supporting Chelsea! Obviously never been to liverpool.

Support goes local, then city, then region and then country. Well that's what my old man taught me.