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Highlights: Everton 2–1 Manchester City (English Premier League - 07/05/2011)

0-1 Y. Touré 28'
1-1 S. Distin 66'
2-1 L. Osman 72'

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b163o12545d ago

City, the most hated FC in the Premier, we'll still make the CL. :D

zico2545d ago

Yes, its to many points up to the 4th for Liverpool, but still we can hope;-) But first we must beat Fulham tomorrow.

ohahCantona2545d ago

you are trying to buy success thats why City are the most hated club in PL. I don`t think 4th place is good enough for City after spending so much money before the season.

b163o12545d ago

I can understand that, 4th is embarrassing after spending so much money. It actually pissing me off that there looking to spend more, I feel like there not giving the team a change to gel adding new players every transfer window. On the up side we have a great chance to end our trophy drought :). Chelsea did the same thing and people had know problem with that, but thats cause they found success so fast.

b163o12545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )