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Highlights: Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea (English Premier League, 08.05.11)

1-0 Hernandez 1'
2-0 Vidic 23'
2-1 Lampard 68'

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nieuwland142603d ago

Crap Chelsea should of definetly equalised in the last 15 minutes.

genocidegeneral2152603d ago

your not gonna score if you've got the 50mil jinx on lol

mastiffchild2603d ago

Congrats Utd. We(Chelsea) were terrible today and not helped by some Godawful and beyond daft management but Utd had more desire and belief from the start.

Congrats, again, as we wait, as Chelsea fans, to see exactly what madness happens at the 'Bridge over the summer. Big rebuild? Ne manager? Install an AI to do it all cos RA's sick of human managers?Sell all the over 30s for glue? who knows?

Knock 'Nando all you want but at least he looked like effin' trying when he came on.

badz1492602d ago

"Knock 'Nando all you want but at least he looked like effin' trying when he came on."

duhh...he's already starting from the bench now. he doesn't want to not start at all now is he? I'm thinking he's very close to be the next Shevchenko at Stanford Bridge now the way things are going!

zootang2603d ago

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

freeduck2603d ago

Poor first half display from Chelsea. Players looked like they didn't know what they were fighting for.

ohahCantona2603d ago

Name on The TROPHY
Chelsea is DOWN.
Beaten to The GROUND
We DEMAND our 19th PL title.

genocidegeneral2152603d ago

david luiz was terrible lol ,
park played outstanding!
hernandez was unlucky , could of easily had a hat trick ,
champions once again xD

ohahCantona2603d ago

hernandez could had hat trick, we could have winning 5-1, What a fantastic performance!


mastiffchild2603d ago

As good as Utd were they weren't even pushed and a mid table side could have strolled the joke performance Ancelotti drew out of his players. Taking Luis off was daft-he should have moved him to RB but he'd got all upset at jhim by then . Carlo has lost the guts for the fight imho.

You can only beat what's in front of you but a big side like Chelsea shouldn't go into their shell like ten year olds when there's an early goal but that's what happened. EXACTLY and it's bit unforgivable. After Chelsea treated Wilkins the way they did did we even deserve a trophy this season? It derailed three months of our football for starters and has certainly ended a few players EPL, never mind Chelsea, careers. Just makes me worry about what mental things will happen over the close season to be honest.

badz1492602d ago

Hernandes and Rooney wasted several chances between them but United was clearly the better team last night.

I was wondering though, why on earth did they lose to Arsenal?? the Gunners are struggling even against way weaker teams and Stoke trashed them bad last night!

RedDevils2602d ago

United lose because the Players are Tired and probably day dreaming of the 19th title lol

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The story is too old to be commented.