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no_more_heroes2174d ago

So both Manchester clubs celebrate today. Congrats to both.

zico2174d ago

two teams hating each other winning titles the same day. meeting in community shield next year.

LovIbra2174d ago

next year city will become "big brother" in Manchester!

The_Nameless_One2173d ago

ManC will always play second fiddle to ManU and all the prizes in the world won't change that. ManC just needs to learn to live with that and just wait for Sir Alex to retire. Maybe then they [ManC] will be able to step out of the shadows their Trafford counterpart cast on that county.

RedDevils2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

@LovIbra ManC big brother what not even if they keep winning title for the next 20 years, 2 PL 5 FA compare to United 19 PL, 11 FA and that not even counting all other major trophy, they will always be like a step brother who always will be in the shadow! The Banners is 43 years no PL now lol

freeduck2174d ago

I guess it's a good end for a good season for ManC

b163o12174d ago

Indeed, Congrats to ManC.